Model Lionel Trains... For Beginners

Create The Model Train Layout of Your Dreams
Have you seen what a model locomotive with a decoder costs? Or a DCC (Digital command Control)? They can be hundreds of dollars! Then you have the added cost of a bench, baseboard, track, scenery, buildings, lighting, power packs and accessories... Building a model train set can be an expensive hobby! Go into your local hobby shop and have a look at the prices... You will be amazed!

To avoid all the common model train mistakes and potentially wasting a huge amount of money, time and energy... Investing in "Model Trains For Beginners" is an absolute no-brainer for anyone considering this hobby. It is rock-solid, high quality information for the beginner model railroader.

This model train manual ebook is packed to the brim with good quality step by step information that can be used for your entire model train lifetime. It covers everything from choosing which scale, right through to weathering the layout and everything in between. You can build a layout in your basement, attic, shed, garage or garden. You can run steam or diesel locomotives. You can have multilevel model railways with rivers, dams, mountains, snow... You get the idea!

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Model Lionel Train Repair